MediaBox User Guide

MediaBox is the most complete Joomla! popup plugin. You can create popup from inline html, modules position, external content or social medias urls.

Special features:

  • Gallery feature: Navigate through medias using previous and next buttons.
  • Open automatically using timer: Open popup after a certain amount of time
  • Load module(s) inside popup using position
  • Embed code generated automatically from medias URLs. No need to enter embed code, only the file url. Works for all most popular media including QuickTime movies.
  • Set popup size in the tag or let the popup adapt itself to the content.
  • Dynamic resizing: Popup resizes when media changes
  • Based on mootools (no JQuery required)

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Tag attributes

Available tags attributes are the following:

label (required) = The text of the link to open the form

src = An url for the content to load inside the popup

position = The modules position to load inside the popup

auto = The number of seconds to wait after the page is loaded before opening the form.

title = The title of the form

width = The width of the popup

height = The height of the popup

group = Tags in the same group are displayed in "gallery" mode, this means that you can navigate from one entry to another using the arrows.

Inline HTML

You can define the popup content in the editor by placing it between the opening and closing mediabox tags as follow:

 group="group1" label="Inline HTML!" width="300" height="400" title="test title"
    Open frame

Modules position

To load one or more modules inside a popup, you insert the following tag inside your article:

 position="mediabox" title="Easy connect" label="Loading modules position »" width="300" 
    Open frame

In this example, all modules at position 'mediabox' enabled on the current page would be loaded.

Note: The position name can be change to anything you want. You can use multiple popup with different positions if you want.


You can open swf, fla, mp4 or mp3 as well as most QuickTime formats (.mov, ,m4v, .m4a, and many others).

Set the 'src' attribute to the media file and the embed code is generated automatically. No extra plugin required.


{mediabox group="group1" src="" label="QuickTime movie »" width="600" height="400" title="" /}


{mediabox group="group1" src="" label="Flash animation/game (swf) »" title="Flash animation or game" width="400" height="350" /}

The NonverBlaster player is inluded in the plugin. It is used to read the mp4, mp3 and QuickTime formats.

External content

To load another web page inside the popup, use tag as follow:

{mediabox group="group1" 
 label="Google Map »" width="640" height="360" title="" /}

Social medias

MediaBox makes it easy to insert social medias in your articles. No need to insert any <iframe>, <object> or <embed> tags that are not supported by your Joomla! editor. Simply enter the video url and the plugin will generate the embed code.

List of the supported social medias:

{mediabox src="" title="" label=" »" /}

{mediabox src="" title=" video" label=" video »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="DailyMotion" label="DailyMotion »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Facebook video" label="Facebook Video »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Flickr" label="Flickr »" /}

Gametrailers player:

{mediabox src="" title=" player" label=" player »" /}

Gametrailers video:

{mediabox src="" title=" video" label=" video »" /}

Google video:

{mediabox src="" title="Google Video" label="Google Video »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="MetaCafe" label="Metacafe »" /}


{mediabox src=",t=1,mt=video" title="vids.MySpace" label="vids.MySpace »" /}

QuietTube + Vimeo:

{mediabox src="" title="QuietTube + Vimeo" label="QuietTube + Vimeo »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Revver video" label="Revver video »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="RuTube" label="RuTube »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Tudou" label="Tudou »" /}

{mediabox src="" title="" label=" »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="YouKu" label="YouKu »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Youtube" label="Youtube »" /}

Youtube playlist:

{mediabox src="" title="Youtube Playlist" label="Youtube Playlist »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Veoh" label="Veoh »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="" label=" »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Vimeo" label="Vimeo »" /}

Twitter Medias


{mediabox src="" title="Twitcam" label="Twitcam »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="TweetMic" label="TweetMic »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="Tmic.FM" label="Tmic.FM »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="TwitPic" label="TwitPic »" /}


{mediabox src="" title="TwitVid" label="TwitVid »" /}

YFrog Image:

{mediabox src="" title="YFrog Image" label="YFrog Image »" /}

YFrog Video:

{mediabox src="" title="YFrog Video" label="YFrog Video »" /}

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